Why You Should Leave Garage Floor Coating to the Pros

Garage floor coatings offer many benefits, from giving your garage a beautiful look to extending its life span. If you’re considering installing your own garage floor coatings, read on as Innovative Spaces, Inc. discusses the reasons why you should leave it to the pros.

Garage Floor Coatings


The main reason why people hire professionals for anything is also the simplest: convenience. Having your garage floor professionally coated means you can devote your time and effort towards work, family, or other things in your daily routine. In comparison, taking the DIY route means one has to set aside a day or two to prepare your garage, buy or rent the equipment, and finally apply the coatings. First-timers will also need to set aside more time to research the process and compare products.

The upfront cost may be higher compared to doing it yourself. However, the floor coating application process is more complex than merely painting the garage floor. The substrate, usually concrete, must be prepared using a diamond grinder or shot blaster, akin to sanding wood before painting it. Issues like moisture leaking from the ground must also be fixed first before the first layer of coating can be applied. By leaving all the work to the pros, you won’t have to worry about all of these details.

Impeccable Quality

The phrase “professional quality” describes all of this in a nutshell, but let us elaborate. Garage flooring professionals are trained to make sure that the coatings are installed according to manufacturer specifications. This means the epoxy has to be mixed correctly, applied with the right thickness, and allowed to cure fully, resulting in a durable garage floor. DIY application, on the other hand, can be easily identified by uneven surfaces, discoloration, and bubbles and blisters in the epoxy.


Garage floor professionals like us stand behind the quality of our work, which means installation mistakes will be corrected at little or no extra cost. In comparison, a DIYer would have to spend money out of their own pocket to correct a mistake, which may involve hiring a professional. It’s also worth noting that mistakes are more likely to happen with inexperienced installers than with professionals.

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