Smart Pantry Organization Tips From Professionals

You know you have food in your pantry, but you just can’t find it. It could be challenging to locate things if you have an unorganized space. Poor organization could lead to several issues, such as forgetting ingredients until they expire and purchasing unnecessary items because you thought you don’t have them. 

Smart Pantry

A local pantry and garage remodeling expert saves you from these kinds of hassle with these tips. 

Create Zones

The first step in creating an organized pantry is to bring together items of the same kind. For instance, it helps to have spices, sauces and other condiments in one location. Wouldn’t it be hard to find spaghetti noodles when they are in the same place as your snacks? Aside from having a system, you will spend less time looking for things by organizing items into zones. 

You Don’t Need to Put Everything in Containers

Many homeowners place ingredients and food items in containers to organize them. Pantry and garage organization experts agree that doing so will involve throwing out the packaging. It means you will lose track of expiration dates. Instead of putting food items in jars, keep them in baskets without removing them from their original packaging. You can also place them on a shelf with labels. 

Carefully Choose What You Place on Eye-Level Shelves

You want to store the food you frequently eat or love at eye level. These shelves should also contain items nearing their expiration date. It’s one of the best methods to avoid food wastage. 

Keep Everyone Involved

Maintaining an organized pantry is a team effort. It wouldn’t be possible if other family members will not participate in the process. Everyone in the household must be aware of where things are. They also need to understand the importance of putting items back in their proper places. 

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