Dealing With Dust in Closets

You might think that things, such as clothes, only get dust when they’re out in the open and not stored properly. But that’s not always the case as there’s even a saying “in the closet, gathering dust.” So why would dust even be present in a closet when it’s sealed and protected? And how come the more you store an item of clothing, the more dust it gathers? 

About 80% of the dust is dead skin cells, which means as long as there is human presence anywhere near your closets, whatever is in there will collect dust. In this post, custom garage cabinets provider Innovation Spaces has a few recommendations to protect your clothes in the closet from dust.

Take a Daily Shower

The human body sheds dead skin cells every day, but you can minimize this by taking long, hot showers every day. The drier your skin, the more the body tries to replace them with fresher, more moisturized skin cells beneath them. And when you shower, instead of ejecting these dead skin cells into the air, they will come off with a rinse from the water and down the drain. Scrubbing also removes more of these dead skin cells from your body.

Wash Your Clothes Frequently

Just like you’re doing with your body, you can wash your clothes, even those you haven’t used, as regularly as possible. If you haven’t used the clothes in your closet for as long as a month, they might need to be washed anyway to remove dust and dust mites that may be feasting on them.

Otherwise, if you don’t want the hassle of doing this 12 times in a year, you can downsize the number of your clothes by selling them or donating them. Innovation Spaces, your garage renovations expert, suggests that maybe it’s time to do the KonMari method on your closet!

Use an Air Purifier

If all else fails, an air purifier with a HEPA filter can reduce the amount of dust that’s circulating in your closet. Plus, newer air purifiers also remove odors, which can reduce the musty smell on clothing left in the closet for too long. Make sure to buy one that can fit in the closet; you don’t need one that’s rated for a huge space anyway.

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