Buying Garage Cabinets: A Guide

Homeowners may resort to keeping their garages as they are, however, maximizing the space with storage keeping is still worth considering. Although a less expensive open shelving can be an option, cabinets offer a more finished look. Here, we’ll talk you through how you can successfully carry out garage organization upon purchasing your cabinetry.

  1. Create a concrete plan. Before commencing any home upgrades and installations, you are always encouraged to prepare. Determine why you’d need cabinets and whether you’re able to have them placed. List down ideas with the help of a professional.

  2. Know your budget. Buying a cheaper garage cabinet system from a big-box store may be ideal especially if your budget is tight. Just understand that many of these cabinet systems compromise significantly the quality of the cabinets’ construction materials.

  3. Measure your space. For a garage remodeling project, this is highly essential. Keep in mind that you need to determine where to put your cabinets and what they will store.  If you don’t have enough floor space, it’s best to consider not having base cabinets. If you hire a reputable contractor, they will present a variety of options that would work well for your room.

  4. Think about your garage’s environment. Sturdier and more durable cabinets are needed in your garage. Keep in mind the amount of rain and snow that may come into the garage with your car and consider which materials would be strong enough to stand up to the ambiance inside your garage.

Things to remember:

There are two types of systems that you may look into for this project. Figuring out which fits your area more will be critical.

  • Custom-fit: These are cabinets that can be built to custom depths, widths, and heights with additional specialty options.

  • Modular: This is a cabinet system built from pre-made standalone units that are mixed and matched.

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