4 Signs Your Concrete Needs Repair

When you talk about popular building materials, you have to talk about concrete. Concrete is durable, but you need to make sure it stays in shape. If not, it will degrade over time and throw off any look you are going for.

Innovative Spaces, an expert in garage renovations, shares some signs that may indicate that you need professional concrete repair.

  1. Cracks

    One sign that your concrete may need repair work is the appearance of cracks. Cracks in concrete can be caused by the soil underneath expanding and contracting due to weather conditions. If your concrete is part of the foundation of a building, then it can cause structural issues if you don’t address the problem. Cracks can form if you have long periods of rain and heat. This combination causes your soil to expand and contract and the support for your concrete to weaken.

  2. Uneven Surface

    Your concrete needs a stable foundation. If the area under the surface can’t support your concrete, it can cause the surface to become uneven. To fix this problem, you will need a professional to add support to the concrete. If you let this problem go on for too long, it could eventually lead to a dangerous situation.

  3. Standing Water

    Under normal circumstances, the water should drain off the concrete. Concrete needs waterproof floor coatings to protect it from the rain. You can have this reapplied so your surface can handle rainfall. If you let this problem go for too long, the standing water can increase the wear of your concrete, making it thin, and shortening its lifespan.

  4. Obvious Signs of Aging

    Concrete does wear and age over time. All of the above signs can indicate that your concrete is worn due to age. A combination of cracks, pooling water, potholes, and unevenness all point towards damage caused by aging. The concrete will probably look shabby and worn as well. This is the time to get your concrete professionally evaluated to determine what action needs to be taken.

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