4 Laundry Room Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

The laundry room is arguably the most-used utility room in your home and a good design can make it more functional and easier to use. Laundry room and garage remodeling company Innovative Spaces, Inc. takes a look at common laundry room design mistakes you need to avoid.

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1. Poor drainage. No matter the design, you have to make sure that your laundry room has proper drainage. One of the most common washing machine problems is overflow caused by clogging, and you’ll want to make sure that the laundry area has proper drainage to prevent water from leaking into the surrounding rooms. In addition to proper drain placement, the floor has to be sloped towards the drain.

2. Improper ventilation. The washing machines and dryers produce the humidity that should be vented out. This is why laundry areas are typically located against an exterior wall. If your laundry area doesn’t already have a dryer vent, you have to have one installed, ideally with an exhaust fan. Installing a dryer vent will require drilling into the exterior wall. If you’re not confident doing this, hire a contractor, handyman, or a home and garage organization company that offers such services. Ventilation vents connected to your HVAC system can also help dehumidify your laundry area.

3. Not making the most out of available storage space. Laundry areas tend to be relegated to small corners, which means storage tends to be limited. This is a good opportunity to get creative with your laundry area storage. At the very least, you’ll need space for detergent, dryer sheets, and other supplies, perhaps a folding table for folding and ironing clothes. A front-loading washing machine can be placed on top of sturdy cube shelves (like those made by ORG) for convenience and lower-level storage.

4. Insufficient lighting. The laundry area requires a practical approach to lighting, which means you should prioritize task lighting over mood lighting. Under-cabinet or shelf lighting are great alternatives to spotlighting when you have limited space for fixtures. However, they must be carefully planned so they don’t look tacked on.

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