3 Custom Closet Ideas For Shoe Collectors

The average person owns 10 to 20 pairs of shoes. Those who value style and variety, however, would consider those rookie numbers. If you’re in the latter category, your growing shoe collection must be a sight to behold. But you can make it more impressive by moving them out of the cramped wardrobe into something more organized—a custom closet. The trusted closet and garage organization company in the area, Innovative Spaces, Inc. shares some handy custom closet ideas for shoe collectors.

Shoe Collectors

  1. Store shoe boxes on the top shelf. A custom closet allows you to maximize the volume of your shoe storage without making structural alterations to the walls. But investing in a custom closet is not just about design–it’s also about the organization. Your custom closet expert, for example, may designate the top shelving for expensive but rarely worn shoes. This stops them from picking up dust and dirt from the floor, keeping them clean and in good shape. The lower shelves, meanwhile, are best used for those 20 or so pairs of shoes that do get used often. Placing them in this spot helps keep them accessible. 

  2. Make your shoes an instant focal point in the space. These refer to the limited edition designer heels and sneakers. You take pride in owning these rare items, so why not make them the highlight of your closet space? Premier closet renovations company, Innovative Spaces, Inc. can help you with this. We offer personalized ORG Home solutions that can transform your closet into an elegant retreat that showcases your shoe collection to best effect.

  3. Break down your collection based on the current season. If you have an expansive collection, it’s a good idea to rotate your footwear according to the seasons. This makes storage and organization more manageable and ensures that the more appropriate items will be within easy reach. In the meantime, store your off-season footwear in another closet space until it’s time to bring them out again.

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